Create Nutritious and Delicious Homemade Bread

Baking Bread 101 shows you how to make bread — delicious, gourmet bread — from simple ingredients in your cupboards! Learn tips and techniques for yeast bread from sourdough starter to fabulous gourmet artisan bread — there’s no need to be intimidated!

You’ll even learn some interesting things about the various topics that you might not have known before.

BakingBread-101 is dedicated to you becoming an artisan bread maker. I will demystify how to make bread for you through:

I began to bake when I was a very young girl. It didn’t matter what it was — cookies, cakes, or other treats — take your pick! It was fun to scrutinize cookbooks and experiment with family recipes to make something delicious.

Then I tried baking a loaf of bread and I was hooked! If you want to find out the best bread maker, you can check out this site here.

Kneading dough soothed my nerves. I got to twist and stretch and roll it around. No matter how much I mangled the blob of yeast and flour — it smelled phenomenal baking in the oven (talk about aromatherapy before it was popular!). The soft, chewy insides and crispy crusts of loaves fresh from the oven made my mouth water and indulged my taste buds!

The fact that it disappears is quite compelling! Unlike other crafts where you run out of places to put your creations, baking bread can be done regularly — it also makes wonderful gifts!

I hope you enjoy yourself as you learn to bake artisan breads the easy way.

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